It was finally meant to be as we got good weather and great conditions, and we got to the top of Rainier. We took the DC route, which was amazingly well maintained and in perfect shape (late June is a great choice).
Having tried the mountain twice before, I definitely benefited from the learning process (e.g. previous mistakes).
The standard gear list applies, which you can find on almost any site like IMG’s youtube video or in list form. My biggest changes this time were to:

  • Really focus on packing light. For instance no midrange gloves, just light running gloves and burly mits. No change of anything but socks. Never boil water, use chlorine dioxide instead. Nothing nice like camp booties (I know, I know).
  • Getting a prescription for Acetazolamide. My first time up the mountain I felt really crappy from altitude and couldn’t sleep, and this helped a ton. Don’t underrate a good five/six hours of sleep before a summit try, and I imagine this helped a lot the last 1000 feet or so where you start to feel weighted down by the thin air.
  • Sock liners. These make pounding out the miles way, way more confortable, and helped keep my feet in good shape. I would never do it again without them.

Good luck to anyone out there trying the mountain, it’s a great experience!